Marine Seats and seating options

Bus and Coach seats

Transport Seating are proud to supply a high quality range of marine seats and seating options for a wide variety of vessels including passenger ferries. Our seating options also include a wide range of Suspension Seats.

In accordance with the company's focus on quality, safety and compliance, all our marine seats are dynamically tested to the High Speed Code (HSC) of the international maritime organisation.

Transport Seating Technologies develop new and innovative seating solutions. For the marine industry we have developed an extremely light weight, reclining commercial Fast Ferry seat that can be certified for off shore and deep water use.

Our R&D ensures a seating design is built for a purpose, and well engineered products reduces maintenance and increases performance and the real big plus is the fuel savings for the operator with reduced weight.

Aircraft technology and lightweight materials have been incorporated in the design and construction of our products. The unique "No Weld" all aluminium frame provides a fatigue free factor where the strength to weight ratio enables the seat to be certified for international waters.

Currently we export to the United Arab Emirates, India, New Zealand, and Fiji. The response from these countries and others toward our new certifiable seats has been overwhelming.

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Waverider Revolution Breeze Low back Marine Seat
Waverider Mariner
Breeze High Back
Waverider Skipper Waverider Seafarer
Waverider Cruiser Waverider Presitge